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A group of out of work ex servicemen laid down the Green in 1923. The current car park was at that time tennis courts to which it is believed the original ‘Green Hut’ belonged to.

One of the first references to bowling on the new green (current premises) was a match between Ropner Park and West End played on Friday 25th June 1926. Ropner Park being represented by players who took part in the game on the old green (Ropner Park) and included members who had been associated with the club for 25 years.

In 1953 a small group of committee members got together to consider an extension to the existing facility. Their labours resulted in an extension being put on in 1955/56. The committee of the club opened this first extension, when Norman Clark was president.

In 1961 Bill Stainby, who was in plant hire & Arthur Fairless the then Chairman of Fairless Engineering were the instigators for a club-house building works proposals to be put together. This consisted of the original green hut being demolished and replaced by what is now the main body of the club house, together with a snooker room facility having one table. The new facilities were opened during 1962/63.

In February 1975 the landscape at the entrance to the club changed due to the disused railway bridge over Darlington Road (it was then the A66) being demolished.

A planning application was made to Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council in 1976 for the ‘Erection of a Green Keepers Store’, this was passed and the store was bought and erected. This still stands in the corner of the car park.

In 1978 further extension proposals for the club house were put together. This consisted of extending the snooker room to accommodate two tables, build new toilet facilities and build a captains room. The clerk of works was Stan Hird. This project was completed in 1980 with the new facilities being opened by Leo Blackwell who was President that year. The captain’s room was formally opened by John Palmer together with the Captain of Mid-Surrey Bowling Club.

The bowling green surrounds were converted to artificial banks in January 1996. The Scottish contractor carrying out the work stayed at the Stockton Arms. How the installation was completed on time and to a good standard remains a mystery, due to the fact that between several pints of beer each day his labourer also consumed a bottle of vodka a day!

During the winter months of 1993 new clubhouse roof proposals were put together by a sub-committee consisting of Geoff Roberts (President), Stan Hird and Bob Scotson (Trustees) and Ian Ritchie. An Extraordinary General Meeting of members was held on 23rd May 1994 to consider the various options. The pitched roof option (we currently have) was adopted. The roof project was completed in February 1995.

During the course of 2002 it was becoming quite clear that replacement bowls huts were required. A small sub-committee consisting of Jim Jamieson (Treasurer) & Peter Williamson (Committee member) put together proposals & drawings. The proposal for a new pavilion to be erected to coincide with the clubs centenary was put to the members at an Extraordinary General Meeting on Monday 8th July 2002. The proposal was endorsed by the members, resulting in contracts being let for various aspects of construction work. The new pavilion was officially opened on Saturday19th April 2003

In 2012 the club underwent refurbishment with redecorating through out and new windows and solar panels fitted to become more energy efficient.  A new purpose built green house with water butts and poly tunnel were installed on the land to the side of the club house allowing a greater range of plants to be grown.



(1 Acre, 1 Rood, 38 Perches) 

23rd September 1891.

 Henry John Curry had an agreement with Stockton-on-Tees for laying sewers through the land. 

5th July 1897. 

Henry George Curry, John Stapylton Sutton and George William Sutton sold the land to George Brown. 

9th March 1920.

George Brown (died 7th April 1919). His trustees George Carter and Charles Edward Faber sold the land for £164.00 to George Stainton, Robert Martin, Willian Murray and George Edward Clennett. 

Wards Directory 1926.

Is the first reference listing West End Bowling Club on Hartburn Lane.

19th May 1945.  

Robert Martin sold the land (George Stainton, Willian Murray and George Edward Clennett all deceased), to Harry Burgess Metcalfe for £1,000.00, together with the pavilion and other buildings erected or built thereon.

17th January 1955.

Harry Burgess Metcalfe sold the land to Trustees of WEBC for £1050.00 (George Lawrence Fordy, Granville Dronfield Hewitt, Thomas Albert Walker and Thomas Allan Kennedy.

Alan Godfrey Map 1964. 

Shows Bowling Green at West End.

7th November 1977.

Council of stockton-on-Tees sold to WEBC a strip of land on east boundary for £500.00 (Behind club house across to car park).